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If you're happy with this mod, please don't forget to thank NASIOC users Power6, clamsjager and DDS4 for helping me make this possible.  You can read the forum posts above to see all we went through or if you want to learn how to build the harnesses yourself.

Specific posts of interest:

View of Installed wiring in the mirror assembly:

The STI mirror assembly when purchased from Subaru:

Connector wiring (posted by Power6):

For early production harnesses (shipped long ago) the wire color varied depending on what I had available.  As orders increased, it made sense just to buy huge spools of green and white wire, so all harnesses shipped from this point on will be green and white like the pictures and forum posts.  I have left the section below for people who may still have an old version of the harness and still need to install.


You will need to reference the table below as forum posts all show white/green wires, including Power6's connector wiring pinout post on the right side of this page. 

Wire Color Designations:

White/Green Wires - White is Positive, Green is Negative

Red/Black Wires - Red is Positive, Black is Negative

Yellow/Blue Wires - Yellow is Positive, Blue is Negative.

For example, if you got Red/Black wires, the Red wire will install in place of the white wire (pin 1 on the mirror connector), and the black wire will install in place of the green wire (pin 5 on the mirror connector) - see the connector wiring post on the right side of this page.

When upgrading your mirror, the white connectors will mate with the male connector on the LED module that mounts on the existing door mirror frame.  The wires are run inside the mirror frame and out of the mirror through the existing metal conduit.

The small silver terminals then slide into the connector already on the mirror, allowing the pins in the door connector to mate with the now upgraded mirror connector.

This harness allows for easy conversion of the stock mirrors to STI mirrors on the 2015+ WRX.

Detail of Sumitomo connectors that mate with the LED module:

PRICE: $30 -  Shipping is FREE.

Shipping via First Class Mail is included.  Priority mail to the US and Canada are available at higher cost.
Please use the contact page to inquire about shipping outside of the US and Canada.

Please see the shipping 'fine print' all the way at the bottom of the page for important details about Priority Mail and shipments to Canada.

turn signal harness

2012+ Impreza and 2015+ WRX (ALL trim levels)



2016 WRX PREMIUM and LIMITED w/o Navigation
(LIMITED trim with Navigation comes w/ mirror-integrated turns)

2010-2014 WRX/STI (Note, you must use the R harness on the Left, and the L harness on the right - See Mirror Mod page for details)

This harness includes the assembled wiring and connectors you need to execute a plug and play installation of the turn signals integrated into the 2015+ STI and 2016+ WRX Limited from the factory into cars not so equipped, such as the 2015 WRX and 2012+ Impreza.  Many thanks to NASIOC user Power6 for having made these in the past and teaching me how to make them for future Subaru owners.

Shipping Options


Custom products and info for 2015+ WRX Owners

Current Stock:  OUT OF STOCK

​Due to lower demand and the need to order parts in bulk, I will not be ordering components to make more harnesses. 

However, with a group buy of 10 units I can order parts to build more.  I can get components ordered, harnesses assembled, and and shipped in roughly 2 weeks.  Contact me if you are interested in helping me arrange this for your group/forum.


Shipping 'Fine Print':

When shipping Priority Mail, whether that is to the United States or Canada, please note that the United States Postal Service does NOT refund postage for uninsured lost mail.

I do not insure the harnesses when shipping because I have sold quite a few of them and only ever lost one in transit (to Canada - the USPS tore the international label out of the plastic sleeve; you can't tape the customs form to the package).  Since the risk of a lost shipment is so low, it is not worth charging the buyer more to insure the shipments that make it 99% of the time anyway.

Therefore, in the event that a shipment IS lost (which I define by no tracking updates for three weeks) and is never delivered, I will replace the harness at no charge to you and ship it to you for free within the United States via First Class mail.

However, please note that if you paid extra for Priority Mail shipping (whether that was to the US or to Canada) and you still require this upgraded shipping (I realize Canadians have no choice), you will need to pay for shipping again as the US Postal Service does not refund me the cost of shipping when a package is lost and I cannot accept liability for the upgraded shipping charge (especially to Canada) without raising my prices.

Please contact me via the 'Contact' page if you have any questions or if you believe your shipment may have been lost.