Custom products and info for 2015+ WRX Owners

Other Mods


If you are interested in any of the items on the list below, message me on my Contact Page.

Current as of May 2018

These items are for local pick up in DFW Metroplex only:

4x OZ Leggera HLT 18x8 ET45 Wheels w/ TPMS Sensors, and Black Spline drive lug nuts

These items I will ship:

Exterior Items
Totsubo plate mount
Subaru Wheel locks - New Condition

Lighting Items
V3 Triton two pairs AMBER (front/rear turn signals - LED)

Standard carpet floor mat
Subaru all-weather mat
Subaru trunk tray

Misc Stock Items
Passenger side fog light bezel- stock
Rear deck and C-pillar clip – white (as opposed to the few blue ones on the deck)

no-drill US License plate mount for japanese holes

Low profile license plate mount that uses the japanese holes but allows you to mount a US plate w/o ruining your bumper.  WAY better than other options I've seen or the option I ended up going with.  May have to upgrade to this!

Adapter Foundry - Subaru front plate adapter

full led exterior lighting (on a limited wrx)

USING vleds v3 triton amber turn signals with Tapturn, vleds HB3 MT-G2 LED HIgh beams, and morimoto xb led projector fog lights

See the following videos for information on how these lights look installed on the car.  YouTube video page contains product info:

LED Lighting Part 1 - Turn Signals (w/ TapTurn)

LED Lighting Part 1a - Turn Signals (Daytime)

LED Lighting Part 2 - Fog Lights and High Beams (in Parking Lot)

LED Lighting Part 3 - High Beams (Driving)

LED Lighting Part 3a - High Beams (Ballast Install Location Detail)

Installation of the fog lights is a drop in install.  Plug and play.

The high beams are plug and play as well, but you have to locate the ballasts somewhere.  The last video above addresses how I did that.

The turn signals were the hardest but it's just trial and error.  The V3 Tritons are universal so you just have to find the right combination of screws and rubber gaskets that work for the install.  I recall that the front and rear installation used different sized gaskets, surprisingly.

Floor-Mounted AccessPort mount

and a few other ways to mount an accessport that doesn't involve gluing a mount to your dash

I didn't feel like tacking my AccessPort to my dash, so here is how I mounted it to a floor-mounted gooseneck mount:

There are also some other mounts to try linked in that post...all very economical solutions as compared to the official Cobb solutions.

The 'danoz' Fix


​see this forum post for more information

Having pulled and reinstalled my TMIC before, i can definitely tell you that the stock clamps don't hold super well and tear up the rubber/plastic parts when you tighten them down.  Some owners have experienced boost leaks that they can't get around with the stock clamps, or they tear up the parts getting a tight enough fit.  I have not noticed any problems other than the fact that the clamps themselves aren't very good.  These replacement clamps are of far better quality.

These no longer seem to be available from 'High Country Direct' though I do have a new set I never installed for sale as of Dec 25, 2016.