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Please let me know what I can do to make this site better.

For questions about the side mirror harness and what it does, please be sure to check the relevant information on the product page for answers before submitting your question.

I cannot address installation questions submitted via this form.  Please visit the relevant mod thread on NASIOC and post any questions you may have on how to do the mod in the forum.

I am also a moderator on two Facebook groups - 2015 WRX & STI and 2015+ WRX/STI For Sale/Trade.  I review the groups somewhat regularly....feel free to post (preferably in the For Sale/Trade group) if you'd like to ask a question specifically about the harnesses.

NOTE:  If you placed an order and would like to inquire about whether or not your harness has shipped, please check your PayPal account for tracking information on the order before sending a message as I always add tracking information to the order when I ship.  PayPal normally emails you when I add the tracking info to the order in their system but lately, I have been getting more tracking requests which makes me wonder if they are still doing this or if more PayPal emails are getting caught up in junk mail filters. Therefore, I recommend checking your PayPal account first for the fastest answer to your question.  If you do not see any tracking information please do not hesitate to reach out.   Thanks!