Custom products and info for 2015+ WRX Owners

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My username is quantum13

just a guy with a wrx

About Me

I'm 32, work in IT, and live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  My other love is airplanes! Specifically, commercial aircraft - big ones.

I've been a Honda/Acura guy my whole life.  But I feel like Honda has more or less left the enthusiast crowd behind; i wanted something more serious than a Civic SI so i ended up with a WRX.

i like to say that I 'passive-aggressively' purchased the WRX after Honda released the new TL - now called the TLX - with a choice of two automatic 6 sale!

This site is meant to be a very basic resource for owners of 2015+ WRXs.

I originally set this site up so i'd have a place to direct people interested in my WRX/Impreza side mirror turn signal harness.  I hope that the additional information provided here proves helpful for my fellow enthusiasts.